Brah Da Bing Brah Da Boom was created by Native Hawaiians, to promote the spirit of Aloha through Island Style themed apparel and accessories. Our clothing is centered around the warmth and strength of the Polynesian people, while still focused on preserving our cultural heritage as passed down from generation to generation. "Brah" is what Polynesians call their friends and neighbors.

Polynesians are Hawaiians, Samoans, Guamanians, Tongans, and various other natives of islands scattered across the globe. They are lovers and fighters, loyal and crazy, strong and gentle, smooth and rough, fierce and friendly, loving and dangerous.

Our shirts feature two different brothers. On the front is Brother Bing: the smart, sassy, cunning, sly, gorgeous one. Behind him is Brother Boom: the strong, fierce, rough, clumsy, aggressive one. These two brothers live life to the fullest on our T-shirts. You will see them experiencing everything life has to offer as they travel through various phases. You just might even see Boom doing the Allen walk in space.